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Apple Releases iOS 9.1

jack-o-lantern_3On Wednesday of this week, it was announced that Apple released iOS 9.1 software for iPhones and iPads. It was a significant update to Apple products and included updates to emojis, updates to Siri, and many other Apple features. While the “i-product” foundations have been updated, including features such as faster performance, improved security, convenient updates, and longer battery life, iOS 9.1 has added numerous other updates, as well.


With the iOS update, we now have access to better, more productive applications within the Notes app. For example, there is now capability to turn checklists into to-do lists. We also now have the capability to add photos, maps, or web links to notes. There is even a capability to draw a sketch with your finger. Lastly, changes to notes are now updated across all devices on your iCloud account, allowing you to keep all of your most recent notes in hand and up to date.


The new iOS update has also upgraded the Maps app, including the availability to use the app with public transportation. The “Transit View” shows lines and stations for subways, buses, trains, and ferries, right on the map. With planned routes, every step of the trip is now laid out. The app has also been updated with the Nearby Feature, which allows you to search and see what’s around you as far as shopping, eating, and other activities are concerned.

Multitasking with the iPad

The newest iOS update now allows you to open a second app without leaving the one you’re in. While browsing the web, you can quickly respond to a text, jot something down in your notes, or send a tweet, then slide that app away to get back to what you were doing. We now also have the capability to have two apps open at once, active at the same time.

Picture in Picture Feature

You can now FaceTime or watch videos all while using other apps at the same time. While watching a video or engaging in video chat, you can now press the Home button, and the video scales down to a corner of your screen while using another app. For example, you can continue your chat while responding to an important email that may have just came in, without any interruption.


Siri has been updated, as well. She now understands requests more accurately, and delivers more results at faster speeds. Siri has also been updated to respond to situation-specific requests. For example, you can ask her to show photos from last year’s trip to New York, or to remind you to stop at the grocery store when you get in the car, or the score from the game while you’re on the road.

This update has been the greatest yet, and users everywhere are just beaming about the upgrades. iOS 9.1 has iPhone users everywhere appreciating true and innovative upgrades to the apps they know and love, and greatly appreciating the ease of use, as well. Unsure of how to upgrade your Apple products with this newest update? Call MTI today and we can get you started!


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