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Maintaining Your UPS’s Battery Life

Maintaining BatteryThe most important part about your UPS is its battery. While most UPS batteries are advertised as “maintenance free”, this is not completely true; it simply means that these batteries have no requirements for replacement fluids. The batteries must still be properly monitored and maintained. One of the most important things to remember when monitoring your UPS battery is to be sure to keep the unit in a “comfortable” temperature. The batter is based on an ambient temperature of 77 degrees. Keep in mind that for every fifteen degrees above the ambient temperature, the battery’s life will be reduced by 50 percent. So keep it cool.

Another thing to remember when monitoring your UPS’s battery is to replace batteries at the sign of warning. All modern UPSs have an alarm and run periodic self-tests. They give off alerts with flash indicators and alarm sounds when they need to be replaced. If you set up a monitoring daemon, the UPS will even alert you through warning emails. These warnings are like the “check engine” light on your car—don’t put them off until disaster strikes. Especially if you value your data. Should tragedy hit, you want to be ensured that your UPS’s batter is well enough and strong enough to do its job.

You also want to keep in mind to charge your batteries. It is recommended to charge batteries in storage every three to four months. Failing to maintain the battery’s charge will result in permanent loss of productiveness within 18 to 30 months. If you are unable to charge batteries in storage, IT experts recommend that it be stored at 50 degrees or less. This will slow down the degradation cycle of the batter and give it a greater life expectancy.

Proper monitoring of your UPS battery is extremely important. With routine checks, you will always know what’s going on with the battery, and when would be a good time to replace it (before it completely fails, causing bigger problems than just a “low battery” warning). If any of the above steps confused or overwhelmed you, just know that you are not alone, and that this is one of many reasons the world created computer technicians. Our techs here at MTI know all of the ins and outs there are to know about UPSs, and are more than happy to help you be sure your UPS is functioning, and the battery is ready for war when issues arise.

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