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Microsoft to Offer New Perks with Windows 10 Release

Windows 10 PerksA Windows 10 release is fast approaching. An official release date hasn’t been announced quite yet, but officials at Microsoft have stated that it will be available to us late this year. And good news for customers currently operating on Windows 7 and 8/8.1; the Windows 10 Operating System will be a free upgrade for these users during the first year after its announcement. This upgrade will stay with the system it is exported to for the lifetime of the system.  Many have joked that this is a gift to all of the Windows 8 users who were less than content with its display and navigation.

Some of the new and exciting features that have been showcased for Windows 10 are:

  • Action Center Notifications; An application that archives notifications as they slide into view, providing popups with useful information.
  • Cortana; Microsoft’s “digital assistant” uses your personal info mixed with her Bing-powered intelligence to surface information you’re looking for.
  • Virtual Desktops; Allows view of all screens open on one desktop monitor at one time, as well as view of multiple desktops on one screen, at one time.
  • HoloLens; The world’s most advanced holographic computing platform that brings high-definition holograms to live.
  • Surface Hub; A OneNote-based Whiteboard tool, that feels as if writing on a traditional whiteboard, that lets you bring multimedia data into the conversation. It maximized touch display on an 84-inch, 4K screen.

Microsoft will stop providing previews of Windows 10 in April of this year, and we will hopefully have access to upgrades before the holiday season. Windows 10 is not only innovative, but it is geared towards the likeliness of its users. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be essentially the same operating system across both desktop and mobile. Microsoft has also verified that there will only be one app store for both desktop and mobile, with many apps optimized to work on any devise, which will help unify all Windows 10 devises, ensuring that changing devices is as seamless as possible.

Windows 10 has not only been catered to ease personal use of the operating system, but business use, as well. Windows 10 is using layouts similar to old, simpler Windows layouts in hopes to attract more business users to its simplicity. And with the maximized connectivity between devices, Windows 10 will enable a much smoother workflow.

Are you planning on taking advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 this year? You can do so without fear, as MTI’s Microsoft-educated technicians are available 24/7/365 to assist in any questions or concerns you may have with the new operating system.

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