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Ransomware: A Growing Threat to Small Businesses

stock-photo-42874624-man-throwing-money-from-laptopIn recent attacks, many small business have fallen victim to “ransomware”, where cybercriminals use malicious codes to lock computer files and demand ransom to give them back. These codes have encrypted valuable data to many different business owners, from baby pictures to pertinent company data such as claims information and financial data. After the information is encrypted, people affected by the ransomware cybercriminals will see a notice pop up on their screen similar to the follow: Pay $400 within 72 hours to unlock your data. Because ransoms are set so low, an average of 30% of victims choose to pay the ransom and resume work.

Ransomware is a growing attack plan affecting more and more business owners and individuals. It can target more than 230 different types of computer files, and has seen over 2,275 complaints from June of last year to March of this year. Just here in Chandler recently, CoValence Inc. has been hit with four ransomware attacks just in the past month.

The growing prevalence of ransomware highlights the importance of having a solid data backup plan in the first place. Files should be backed up regularly to storage media that is not always connected to the computer and which can only be accessed after additional authentication. Otherwise, in case of a ransomware infection the backups might get encrypted as well.

Make sure your backup plans are in order. Call MTI today to let us help you keep your data safe, secure, and backed up.

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