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The Holidays are Coming! Travel “Smart”

The holidays are here! In just a month, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving (that was fast). And we all know that with the holiday season comes lots and lots of traveling. But how do you stay on top of business and keep productivity while traveling during the holidays? Use the devices available to you. Tablets, laptops, and smartphones were created to increase productivity and mobile flexibility.

Smart devices come in handy most for successful business owners and associates when physically sitting in the office isn’t feasible. Traveling during the holiday season wouldn’t be possible for some people if they didn’t have their smart devices to help them stay updated on their work in their absences from the office. Ease and convenience of the use of smart devices makes it easy to send and receive emails, keep real time updates with employees in the office, and delegate which tasks to be done, and by whom,  while away from your desk.

Here’s a list of our favorite mobile smart devices out right now, and why you should consider them:

  • Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3—This favorited device’s 12-inch touchscreen, 2160×1440 pixel count, thin and sleek frame, and innovative keyboard/type cover are all specs for an almost perfect hybrid of the laptop and tablet. Not only is it fun to look at, but it’s also easy to use. This hybrid of laptop and tablet is a winner in our book.
  • The iPad Pro by Apple— With its full-sized, 12.9 inch display screen and full-sized on-screen keyboard, this iPad is everything you’re average tablet isn’t. It’s large and in charge, and updated with a 2,732 x 2,048 pixel display. This innovative iPad also comes with accessories—the new Apple stylus, the Pencil, as well as a full-sized Apple Smart Keyboard. This one isn’t hot on the shelves just yet, but will be this November—just in time for Christmas.
  • MacBook Pro 13in (2015 Version)—We all know that everything Mac has an almost automatic likability. Well this doesn’t fall short for the 2015 MacBook Pro. It has been named the most advanced of all of Apple’s laptops. With its 2560×1600 resolution screen that produces razor sharp images, longer battery life, and innovative “Force Click” trackpad, this laptop is good for many uses and users—from college students to working businesspeople.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6s—We’re kind of torn between which of the two is “better” in a sense. In all fairness, they are two completely different models of smartphones—the Galaxy s6 is an android, while the iPhone 6s is an Apple product. Depending on your preference, both phones are major upgrades from their predecessors.

Smart devices are the answer when it comes to keeping business while traveling. They’re important! If you or someone you know needs some suggestions on which devices to look into before hopping on their plane, or need help with configuring/setting up these devices, call MTI today, and let us help out!stock-photo-49368774-travel-tourism-concept-mobile-phone-and-globe

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