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The Importance of Data Backups

domainHere at MTI we get quite a few warnings about malicious attacks on networks and software programs. But luckily, with the right backup configurations and data protection shields, we are able to keep these attacks at bay. But if we were to fall victim to an attack, we would have to be ensure that all of our data is backed up to date so that we know we haven’t lost any productivity or important information.

There are many backup programs out there to use on your network to protect your data from completely disappearing in the event of a lost/stolen device, or a malware or virus attack on your network. However, every backup program is different, and most likely has different backup options within its program. Depending on what kind of information you have stored on your devices, you may have different levels or needs of backup options for your data. For example, some programs offer monthly backups, some offer weekly backups, some offer daily backups, some offer hourly backups, and some offer real-time backup, storing everything as you save it. Whichever is pertinent to your company is up to company preference, however knowing the redundancy of your backup is extremely important, especially considering what you are backing up. It is also important to know how secure your backups are, as well.

Your chosen IT company can help you in suggesting which backup programs are best for you, and may even offer backup monitoring to ensure your backups are safe and up to date. Some IT companies, like MTI, even offer system audits and disaster recovery plans to review your data and backups on a regular basis, and implement a plan unique to your network to reboot your data when tragedy strikes.

Losing your laptop or hard drive can be just as dangerous as losing your wallet or cell phone. You keep very important information in these devices, and some of it may even be critically confidential. Knowing that this information is safe and accessible to you in the event of an emergency is more than reassuring. It is best to know your backup options, and to devise and keep a plan.

How sure are you that your backups are accurate, up to date, and safe? Call MTI today to implement your disaster recovery plan, and find out how we can help you secure your backups today!

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