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The “Zberp” Virus—An Online Banker’s Nightmare

ZberpAs we near the end of the year, we here at MTI feel it is important to warn our followers about a new threat that directly affects banking and customers of financial institutions. The new threat is being referred to as “Zberp”, and it is a combination Trojan program that combines the capabilities of the Zeus and Carberp viruses.

The Zeus virus is a Trojan horse malware package that runs on a version of Microsoft Windows. It is known to seal banking information by “man-in-the-browser-keystroke logging” (logging keys struck on a keyboard, unbeknownst to the person using the keyboard) and “form grabbing” (retrieving authorization and login credentials from a web data form before it is passed over the internet to a secure server). The Zeus virus was first identified in July of 2007 when it was used to steal information from the United States Department of Transportation. It has been more commonly seen today in attacks on banks and other financial institutions.

The Carberp Trojan is another Trojan horse malware package that threatens banking, as well. Carberp is now evolving with more sophisticated capabilities, and can stay hidden on the PCs of its victims. Carberp can steal a range of data, disguise itself as a legitimate Windows file, and remove any antivirus software installed on the host. The Carberp Trojan was first identified in October of last year, and has been a growing threat since.

The Zberp virus, a combination of both Zeus and Carberp, is a highly dangerous threat to PCs and networks everywhere. Especially during this time of year. During the holiday season, computer users tend to gravitate towards online shopping and banking and heightened rates. Which means they are more at risk for threats from this virus. Because the Zberp virus can sit “invisibly” on your PC, it can be extremely harmful to those sharing their banking or personal information over the internet.

With growing awareness and education on the Zberp virus (while fairly new), IT professionals everywhere are researching and doing everything in their power to tackle and remove this virus from those infected with it. Our team here has been on top of all updates and removal processes of this virus, and should you find yourself infected this holiday season, give us a call and we will help you get rid of it!

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