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Your Backup Options: Backups vs. Replicas

Data v BackupWe offer a number of backup services to our clients here at MTI. Some of these include full data backups and data replications. But what is the difference between the two?

Full data replication is the direct copying of business information. It would be as if all files on one drive or server were directly and exactly transferred to another. Data replication backs up whatever all users on the network have at the moment. This means that in the event of a disaster, the data can be recovered exactly as it was when it was stored. One downside of relying on replication solely is that data is kept in its most recent duplication. Because of this, sometimes replications can be unreliable, as they sometimes fail to fully and wholly protect the full range of the business/network’s information.

Full data backup is similar to data replication, and is valued for compliance. Full data backup doesn’t necessarily ensure the continuation of operations after the event of an emergency (server crash, network fail, etc.). Backups can be seen as less reliable than replications at times, because they are simply snapshots, or copies, of the data set taken at a pre-determined point in time. The backup schedule is based upon the time a business/network can afford to lose in terms of data. For example, if a company can afford to lose ten minutes of data in a normal, working day, the data recovery is ten minutes, and must backup data in this interval (every ten minutes). There are many different options out there for backup intervals. Some backups run monthly, weekly, once daily, hourly, every ten minutes, and even real-time, to-the-second backups.

In essence, it is almost necessary to have both replications and backups. They both address different sets of risks—full backups will cover the emergencies in the time interval directed. Replications offer systems the ability to continue operating properly under failure.

Our technicians here are experts in the area of backups, system restoration, and data recovery. We offer many different options for backup, relative to our clients’ needs. MTI also offers full system audits to determine the best data recovery plans, and the best backup (or replication) plans to put into place for individual network systems. If your company would like more information on backups and data recovery, give us a call today, and we can let you know how we can help!

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