Today’s IT projects bring more than just functional challenges. Issues such as security and performance speeds are just a few of the criteria that must be evaluated during the early stages of planning an IT project. Our team of experienced Computer Consultants can handle projects large and small, from needs assessment through implementation.

Many larger companies are choosing to outsource IT maintenance and support to an expert third-party provider. We offer that high-caliber, proactive support team that can assist in strategic planning/implementation of your IT needs and creating cost-effective, predictable budgets.

We have found that companies with headquarters located out of state often prefer to have local support they can call on when remote access is simply not enough. With our staff in place, you can be secure in knowing these issues are handled, relieving you to focus on other vital issues with your company. MTS provides you with on-going status reports on any deficiencies or updates necessary to realize peak performance from your IT investment.

  • VMware
  • IT Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Programming
  • Asset & License Management
  • Backup Audit
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Supervision

Managed Technology Solutions offers a means of providing a “check and balance” for your current IT in-house staff. There are times when an outside opinion is valuable in analyzing the cost effective methods and software/hardware applications being utilized.

  • Check and balance of in-house staff
  • Local support for out-of-state corporate offices
  • Analysis of existing procedures and applications
  • Prevents unnecessary surprises

VMware Server Virtualization

MTS can help your company shift your IT focus from Server Maintenance to Server Efficiency and Innovation by implementing a server virtualization solution. VMware allows your company to maximize your hardware investments over time and reduce your maintenance costs.


VMware and Microsoft platforms allow companies to take advantage of a virtual server setup. In essence, multiple server environments can co-exist on a single host server, memory and processing power can be shared and data replication capabilities for off-site storage and disaster recovery are taken to the next level.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is allowing users to access programs such as Outlook, QuickBooks, Sales Applications, etc. from any machine with an Internet connection. Your employees are able to utilize all files from the field increasing productivity daily while providing freedom and flexibility. You can enjoy the added security of knowing you have your information stored safely (in the cloud) in case of unforeseen disaster.

If you prefer to maintain an in-house approach to Cloud Computing, we can determine your specific requirements necessary to do so, arrange for purchase and installation and follow with monitoring for seamless operation.

Are you looking for a way to eliminate in-house servers?

Consider the option of outsourcing to a vendor or vendors to establish your hosting needs. They are able to increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in a new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. You are getting all the functionality but none of the headaches of running the IT infrastructure in-house.
Let MTI set up the in-house hosting for the “cloud”, or we can work with the vendor(s) to make the outsourcing transition easier. We are able to do the necessary research and supervise the implementation to facilitate either method you choose.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Reduced Cost: Cloud Computing usage is generally paid incrementally, often quarterly, saving your company money.
  • Increased Storage: Companies can store more data on the “cloud system” vs. their private machines.
  • Mobility: Employees can access information wherever they are as long as there is an internet connection, no more remaining at your desk to get work done.
  • Scalability: Meets changing user demands quickly and efficiently.

ERP Solution Integration
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are designed to manage information across a business’s entire infrastructure, collectively organizing, Human Resources, Sales and Customer Service, Process flow, Finance and Accounting etc. These solutions require specific hardware and software platforms and configurations. MTS works with ERP software providers, custom programmers and end users to ensure a proper installation while addressing key aspects of system uptime, data redundancy and backup and system security. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are now embracing the increased efficiency and lowered operating costs that come as a result of the implementation of an ERP solution. MTS can help determine the best ERP solution and develop a structured implementation plan.

Types of ERP Solutions:

  • Direct Integration – often provided by vendors through floor specific plant equipment
  • Database Integration – Connect to operations through staging tables in databases
  • Custom Integration Solutions – Customized to the specialized needs of an organization

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